Pretty sure I already reblogged this but what the hell.  Love this campaign.  

campaign bringing awareness to homeless youth

I adore this campaign so much.

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Hello world,

It’s been a tough past semester or so.

I put in efforts in bidding for a position for AD-NRHH, didn’t succeed. Rationale: the amount of goals I set seemed impossible to accomplish, when I seemed to think otherwise.

I put in efforts for going for an RA position next year, failed.

I put in efforts for a living learning community, failed.

Efforts for spring/summer RA: failed.

Relationship? Might as well count that as a fail.

People at a program? Fail.

Residents returning to SVSU next year? 23%+ fail.

Staying healthy and organized? Fail.

Thankfully, life isn’t measured by failures. It’s by what you’ve accomplished. And I’m hopeful that I accomplished a lot.

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Proposal project final draft due Thursday. Flash drive works, but system won’t recognize it. #FreakOutMode


this is the exact opposite of a problem

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